Payment Declined

We were not able to process your payment at this time. If this problem continues please contact your bank.

Decline Reasons

Wrong Details

It is easy to make a spelling mistake or enter your credit card number wrong. It happens a lot. This is the most common reason for declined transactions. Try to make your purchase again, and carefully check the details you have entered.

Blocked By Bank

A blocked credit card could be blocked by your bank. This will happen if they are suspicious that the transaction you are trying to make is fraudulent. To fix this you will need to contact your bank to get them to remove the block.

Multipul Attempts

If you have made a lot of purchases using Stripe payment gateway, then your card could be blocked for 30 days. It is not a good idea to make lots of purchases in a small space of time. This looks suspicious to Stripe payment gateway, and they might block your card because they suspect fraud. To fix this you can contact Stripe customer support and ask them to remove the block, however if they suspect fraud they might not remove the block. In this case you would have no option but to wait for the 30 day block to finish.

Bank Wont Authorize

Unfortunatly some banks will not allow payments from "adult websites" that may have sexual content. Even though there is no nudity or pornography on our website, some banks view our content as "not suitable for all ages" amd may still block the payment. In this case you will need to contact your bank and tell them to authorize the payment.