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Muscle Girls Muscle Transformation

Muscle Girls 1 Year Transformation

It is great when we see the muscle girls that are featured on are gaining lots of muscle. Have you ever wondered which one of the Girls Flexing models had gained the most amount of muscle? Lets find out!

Alina Muscle Girl Flexing


Meet Alina! Why is Alina a muscle girl next door if she is a professional fitness competitor? Alina is also a gymnast and she has that girl next door with muscle look!

Amy Muscle Girl


Meet Amy! We have another gymnast muscle girl! Gymnasts have awesome muscles, Amy is proof of that. With Amy's gymnastics she is able to gain a lot of muscle in the gym!

Ariana Muscle Girl Flexing


Meet Ariana! A muscle girl from Bulgaria... She is a cute muscle babe! Ariana has pretty big biceps, and her quads are massive! She knows how to flex!

Stacey Muscle Girl


Meet Stacey! If you liked confidence in a muscle girl, then you will love Stacey. She is very confident. Stacey is very much involved in a fitness lifestyle, that is why she has a 6-pack!

Holly Muscle Girl Flexing


Meet Holly! she is a new muscle girl that is new to the gym. She has only been working out for a few weeks, and she all ready has biceps. Watch out for Holly!

Alina Hot Female Muscle

Alina – She Knows She Is Hot

Alina knows that she is a hot muscle girl. All you have to do is watch this video to see that. She loves to flex her abs... She is very proud of her muscles, especially her 6-pack!

Alina Muscle Girl Huge Calves

Alina – Big Sexy Calves

Alina is known for her calf muscles. They are big. In this video Alina is flexing her calves bare foot, and then with heels. You can see every muscle in her calf. It is hot!

Amy Big Girls Biceps

Amy – Some Serious Muscle

Amy is a muscle girl next door. You would not expect this girl to have so much muscle, but she does, and they are hot! You can see every muscle in her back, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps... AND she has a 6-pack! WOW!!!

Amy Huge Girls Calves

Amy – OMG Her Calves!!!

the size of Amy's calves will make you say: "OMG" - Her legs are incredible. Believe or not Amy used to hate her big calves... Until we met her. Now she loves them! Amy is growing with confidence!

Ariana Flexing Is Hot

Ariana – Flexing Is Hot

Ariana knows that muscles are hot on women, that is why she loves to flex so much. Watch her flex her beautiful arms in a bikini. Ariana is a very hot muscle girl!

Ariana Boulder Muscles

Ariana – Boulder Biceps

Ariana is pumping up her biceps before she flexes them. She is using BIG rocks for her weights and is doing bicep curls with them. The rocks are very heavy. Once she has a pump on, she flexes!