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Fionna - Class Muscle Girl

Fionna – Flex Appeal In Heels

Fionna has some serious flex appeal. She is wearing a dress and she is looking classy and sexy. You need to see the size of Fionna's calf muscles in heels. They are insane!

Fionna - Dressed To Flex

Fionna – Dressed To Flex

Fiona looks good in a dress and she knows it. She is a confident muscle girl. She starts off by flexing her biceps and then she walks in her heels and flexing her massive calf muscles!

Fionna - Muscle Girl Denim

Fionna Muscle Girl In Denim

You have to checkout the size of Fionna's calf muscles... They are huge! Fionna is flexing her biceps, her abs, and her massive calves. She is confident and she is pointing at the size of her muscles!

Abbey - Roof Top Muscle Girl

Abbey – Rooftop Lolly Pop

Abbey is on the rooftop flexing her body. She is an ultimate muscle girl next door, and you will drool over her calves. Abbey is looking sexy in pink as she is flexing her arms, abs, and legs!

Fionna - Girls Strong Legs

Fionna – WoW Massive Calves

Fionna calves are massive! Since Fionna's calves are her best feature we did a video only showing off her legs. Watch her flex her huge calves in bare feet!

Fionna - All Girls Muscles

Fionna – ABC: Abs Biceps Calves

Checkout the gorgeous muscle girl Fionna flexing her abs, biceps and calves. She is impressive and you will be blown away by the size of her calf muscles. They are truly huge!

Abey - Sexy Muscle Girl

Abbey – Muscle Is Sexy

Abbey is showing that a girl with muscle is sexy. If you like girls with huge ripped calves with veins you are going to fall in love with Abbey... Prepare yourself for some hot muscle!

Abbey - Army Strong Girl

Abbey – The Muscle Army

Abbey is showing what she is made of. She is a tough muscle girl, in combat clothing. She is flexing and teasing as she shows off her biceps, abs, and stunning legs. Don't mess with this confident muscle chick!

Fionna - Muscle Girl Flexing


Meet Fionna! She is a dancer and gymnast with HUGE calves! Seriously her legs are massive. She has an amazing body from head to toe. Absolutely stunning!

Abbey Muscle Girl Flexing


Meet Abbey! She is an all natural amateur muscle girl. She has the full package; biceps, abs and great legs. Her legs are her best feature but she is hot all over!

Tanya - Girls Biceps Pumped

Tanya – Pumping Up Her Biceps

As Tanya is flexing, her biceps are getting bigger and bigger. Her biceps are pumping up and growing. She is looking sexy as she is posing. Tanya is a good model and knows how to look hot!

Tanya - Under Cover Muscle Girl

Tanya – Armed And Dangerous

Tanya is flexing her biceps in a blue bikini. She is armed and dangerous. Tanya is a bad ass muscle girl, and she is showing off her body for all of her muscle girl fans!