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Christina - Muscle Girl Bed

Christina – Muscle Girl In Bed

Christina could not possibly get any more sexy. She is flexing in bed, and we get close up as she is flexing. Christina can tease and she can flex. Her attitude is hot, and her muscles are even hotter!

Christina - Biceps Vs Sleeves

Christina – Biceps Vs Sleeves

Christina's biceps are testing her sleeves to the limits. She has pretty big biceps, and they are defiantly too big for her sleeves. They don't quite rip them... But they do stretch them to the max!

Christina - Muscle Girl Flex

Christina – Bad And Beautiful

Christina is a beautiful muscle girl with attitude. Watch her flex in style. She is showing off her thick strong beautiful biceps, and you can tell that she is enjoying watching them bulge herself!

Malory - Girls Biceps Girls Calves

Malory – Girls Biceps Girls Calves

Malory is flexing her biceps and her leg muscles. She has really nice muscular legs. Her biceps are stretching through her sleeves, and her calves and quads are nice and big... Perfect muscle girl!

Malory Vs Christina - Arm Wrestle

Malory Vs Christina – Arm Wrestle

Two female muscle beauties; Malory, and Christina are trying to see who has stronger biceps. They arm wrestle each other to find out who is the strongest. They are both strong muscle girls!

Malory - Muscle In Bed

Malory – Flexing In Bed

Malory is flexing her muscles on a bed. She starts a little shy, but as soon as she starts playing with her hair, she can see the size of her biceps. She likes it and gets confident!

Malory - Sporty Muscle Girl

Malory – Buff & Beautiful

Malory is a buff and beautiful sporty muscle girl. Watch and admire her muscles, as she is flexing her arms. They are very big. Malory is an amazing muscle girl next door!

Emily - Big Bad Muscle Girl

Emily – Big Bad Muscle Girl

Emily is the big bad muscle girl with attitude. She is flexing and showing off how muscular she is. She is very confident and happy with her muscle size. She knows her muscles are big!

Emily - Power Girl

Emily – Power Girl Muscles

Emily has some powerful muscles and she likes to show them. Her biceps, traps and shoulder muscles are really muscular. You will enjoy watching Emily flex!

Emily - Big Strong Girl

Emily – Big Strong Muscle Girl

Emily is a big strong muscle girl, and she is showing off her upper body. Watch her traps and shoulders bulge out as she flexes them, and watch her big strong thick biceps flexed!

Claire - Cop Muscle Girl

Claire – Good Cop Bad Cop

Claire is acting good and bad in her little police girl outfit. She is flexing her muscles. She is acting both naughty and innocent. Watch Claire flexing and looking really sexy!

Claire - Muscle Girl Bra

Claire – Undressed Muscle

Claire starts this video flexing through her top. Soon she realizes that her arms are too tight, so she takes off her top, and is flexing her arms and abs in just her bra!