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Lisa WoW She Has Improved

Lisa – WoW She Has Improved

Lisa is back! Lisa has gained muscle! We have another muscle girl transformation. Lisa has gained a serious amount of muscle all over her body. This is the most muscular Lisa has ever been!!!

Amy Flexing Through Clothes

Amy – Big Legs Tight Clothes

Amy is flexing her HUGE leg muscles through her nylon pants. She is wearing heels and she is walking. Her calf muscles stretch her pants, and so do her quads. Then she is flexing them. Amy has huge leg muscles!

Amba Look Me Up & Down

Amba – Bikini Body

Amba is wearing a bikini and you are looking at her up and down. Your eyes are all over her body. Amba is not flexing, She is showing what her body looks like relaxed. Notice the difference when she is flexing?!

Amba Reveal Her Muscles

Amba – Reveal Her Muscles!

It is time! Amba is finally showing off her amazing muscular body. Amba is a sporty attractive muscle girl that is proud of her muscles. No she is not a female bodybuilder but her biceps are hot and impressive!

Lisa Biceps Biceps Biceps

Lisa – Biceps Biceps Biceps

Would you like to see more of the gorgeous muscle girl Lisa flexing? Here you go, here is a nice video of her flexing her amazing biceps! Enjoy!!!

Lisa Flex Appeal

Lisa – Bicep Flex Appeal

Remember Lisa? She was a cute muscle girl right? Look at the size of her muscles now!!! she has gained a LOT of muscle, her biceps are not huge and even more sexy

Chloe Farmer Muscle Girl

Chloe – Young Farmers Muscles

How did Chloe get huge 14inch biceps? She is a farmer and she is used to lifting heavy. Watch her flex her muscles on a farm. She has amazing biceps!!!

Chloe Fun Muscle Girl

Chloe – Fun When Flexing

Chloe has a lot of fun with her muscles. She os happy when she is flexing and watching her muscles grow hard! she is dancing in joy when she looks at her muscles!

Chloe Muscle Girl Flexing


Meet Chloe! Another teen muscle girl that is cute and muscular. It still shocks us how a 19 year old girl can become so muscular. Chloe has big big biceps!!!

Anna Muscle Girl Flexing


Meet Amba! She is a muscle girl next door that has a lot of confidence in her muscles. Amba is slim and toned, but when she is flexing her biceps grow bigger!

Luna More Muscle Girl Legs

Luna – Hot Leg Flexing

Luna is a hot muscle girl that is flexing her legs in this video. Many of use like gymnastic muscle girls with muscular thick legs, and Luna defiantly has them! A must watch video if you are a Luna fan!

Luna OMG Hot Muscle Girl

Luna – Hot Gymnast Flexing

Luna is a hot gymnast muscle girl and she is flexing her muscles in this video. We all know and love her legs, but what about her biceps? chest? triceps and back? Luna is flexing her upper body in this video!