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Christie - Muscle Girl Flexing


Meet Christie! She is another female muscle barbie, and she is confident to show off her perfect muscular body... Dam she is a hot amateur muscle girl!

Christie - Pretty In Pink

Christie – Not A Shy Muscle Girl

Christie is a confident muscle girl that loves to flex. She is very cute and you would think she would be shy, but she is not! She loves showing off those muscles of hers... and they are hot!

Christie - Holy Hot Muscle Girl

Christie – WoW… Hot Muscle Girl

WoW... Christie is a hot muscle girl in a bikini that is posing and showing off her muscles. She is confident flexing in that sexy bikini. We don't know why, but she looks extra hot in that bikini!

Christie - Cute Muscle Girl

Christie – Female Muscle Barbie

Another female muscle barbie! We noticed Christie from a distance... We saw her muscles from far away and we approached her about modeling. Once you watch this video you will see why we did. She is one hot muscle girl!

Sam - Muscle Girl Danger

Sam – Dangerous Biceps

Sam is flexing her dangerous biceps. She is looking bad ass in this muscle girl clip. She is got her army cap on and flexing really hard and aggressive... Just how you like it!

Sam - Barbie Biceps

Sam – Hot Blonde Muscle Girl

The title of the video explains it all. Sam is a hot blonde muscle girl. She is showing off her sexy biceps in her pink bikini. Sam is also showing off a bit of leg in this video!

Sam - Pink Muscle Girl

Sam – Female Muscle Barbie

Sam is another female muscle barbie. She is a blonde bombshell that has great biceps that she loves to show off. Checkout her flexing biceps in her girly pink bikini!

Sam - Muscle Girl Flexing


Meet Sam! We have another female muscle barbie. Sam is a athletic soccer player that is very girly but also very muscular. She has great biceps!

Katie - Ripped Girls Calves

Katie – Crazy Ripped Legs

Katie legs are crazy ripped! Seriously, you can see every muscle striation in her entire leg. Her calves are massive and katie is touching and teasing. She knows they are sexy, and she knows that you love her sexy calf muscles!

Katie - Agressive Calf Muscle

Katie – Aggressive Calf Muscles

Katie's calf muscles are destructive. She is angry and she is breaking and stomping on wood that she sees on the floor. When she is stomping on the ground, her calves are huge, and full of veins!

Katie - Girls Calf Muscles

Katie – OMG Those Calves

This video is a must watch for female calf muscle lovers! Just wait until you see katie flexing her legs side on! OMG her calves are so sexy and they have veins bulging out too!

Katie - Muscle Girl Calves

Katie – Checkout Those Calves

Katie is bored. She is on her phone trying to pass the time but she is bored. She notices her leg muscles and starts flexing them. She likes what she sees and is enjoying flexing them and touching her sexy calf muscles!